Monday, 7 January 2019

Activity 2: Fabulous Ferns [4 points]

Activity 2: Fabulous Ferns
I like the Black Ferns uniform because it has good designs and I love the all blacks sign.
Image result for tall ferns uniformTall Ferns
Image result for black ferns uniform t shirt and shorts

Image result for silver ferns uniformBlack Ferns

Silver Ferns

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

DAY 2: Forest Life Activity 1: Giants Among Us [4 points]

LI: Would you like to go to visit Tāne Mahuta?

Yes I would like to go and visit Tāne Mahuta. I would like to go visit Tāne Mahuta because I could experience it in real life and see how specialn this tree is and why it is called Tāne Mahuta. It would be nice to go out in the nature and take a look at this super tall tree. I would also like to go see if there is any creatures of the forest living around that tree.

Activity 3: Ice, Ice Baby [10 points]

LI: To write down what you think being safe online is.

This week for this activity I used a Poster to write down things to create a positive digital footprint. Heres is some important information you need to know when you are online do not give personal information about yourself or family online. This poster tells you the things that you should not do to make a positive digital footprint.

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Activity 2: North and South [4 Points]

LI: To describe what is special about your hometown.

My hometown is GI ( Glen Innes ) . The best two best things I love about GI is my home with my family and my school, Pt England. I like how there is A reserve down the road from our school, it has a playground with a very  big field for every body to play rugby or any sport. I like to go to my Uncles house where I have fun and cool stuff.  My favorite thing about GI is the Pt England Beach. You can find cool shells and natural clay. 

DAY 1: In the Beginning | Activity 1: The Legend of New Zealand [4 points]

For This activity I had to choose 3 facts about New Zealand from this site. This site is called Fun Facts about New Zealand .  My favorite three is ;

1. The English name for nz is aotearoa which means long white cloud. '

2.  In NZ the languages are Maori and English

3 . Auckland is the biggest city in NZ but wellington is the capital of NZ. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Last Class Blog Post

hi guys my name is Arthur. I just wan't to say bye people i'm gonna miss you. Yous will not going to be seeing my posting till the holidays starts I will post more of my highlights in the holidays bye. This is my animation in did this yeah and hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Cave Art Animation

A long long time ago there lived a giant pig. One day the pig came out of the cave.  a warrior came along and tried to kill the pig but the pig was too strong. So the warrior went to get his army. The army of men killed the pig and the giant pig died. the end.