Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Things that have changed when we came back from lock down

Here is 5 awesome things i did during lock down:
1. I slept during the lock down
2. I played fortnite
3. I learnt how to clean the house
4. I learnt how to cook and bake
5. I watched a movie with my family

These are 3 favorite that have happened:
1. Everything is gone back to normal
2. I got my own desk next to my friend
3. I get to see my friends again

These are 5 things that have changed:
1. Our sitting place has changed
2. We are in a different class
3. We have a different teacher
4. We do fitness
5. We learn more writing and reading and maths

These are 3 things I am looking forward to
1. Year 8 camp
2.Going to college
3. learning more new things

These are 3 things I am proud of myself for
1. I have moved from 12 to 13 years old from reading
2. I post every day
3. I finish my work everyday

Monday, 29 June 2020

Matariki fun day

On Friday the 26 of June our school had a big matariki fun day. There was 3 different choices we could choose one was Cooking, the second one was Arts and crafts, and the last one was sports. We celebrate matariki because it was a time for remembering the dead, and celebrating new years.

The matariki fun day at our school I was in sport's we were playing ki o rahi it was a Maori game. New Zealand should celebrate this because this country is where Maori lived first and we should support them. 

I was so happy when I played it because it was interesting and it was a easy game to learn. We should do this like 2 days a week, so our teachers that supervises us can learn what kind of talent we have. So 
we learn more and more things 2 days a week and show our
families what talent we learnt and what we can do.
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Thursday, 25 June 2020

5 awesome things about my bubble (Lockdown)

This is a pie graph of how many people in my class did during lock down. We all have to complete then share it with the class. Here is a list of 5 things I did during lock down:
1. I slept during the lock down
2. I played fortnite
3. I learnt how to clean the house
4. I learnt how to cook and bake
5. I watched a movie with my family
I also found out that most of my class spent most of their time with their family witch was 22.9%. Then the second most popular thing some of my class did is food/cooking witch was 19.3%. Then the 3 one was that people said they slept and rested witch was 15.6%.

A Game Of Cards

Mrs Tele'a was reading a book yesterday and these are some words we learned from the story call A Game Of Cards. The book was called Pounamu Pounamu by Witi Ihimaera.
Here are 4 words I understand:
1. Shoving means like pushing and bumping
2. Flecked means mark or dot with small patches of a colour
3.Blaring means Its a loud noise and harsh sounds
4. Mokopuna means used by an older person for a grandchild or a young child.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020


Once upon a time there was a lady who was going out hunting. Her name was the catalyst. She looked so scary and freaky when she went out hunting she packed her bag, put her hunting rifle on her backpack then took off in her car. Once she got there she was not even scared she'd been hunting with her dad when she was 8 but 2 years later her dad passed away. But her dad had shown her lots of thing and told her lots of things to but he said never have fear there will always be someone there for you. 

It was so snowy she couldn't even see then once the snow stopped she didn't know where she was. She tried calling her family but there was no signal she tried everything she had but nothing worked but she remembered her dad said follow your steps through the snow then she saw a bit of her foot prints she tried following it but when she knew it it wasn't her footprints it was a small looking like a wolf’s footprint.

She knew what was coming. She tried running looking for help but there was know one. So there it was the wolf right behind her she didn't have time to run, not even take a step or look behind. But she saw this other thing she couldn't even recognize it but she was that thing holding a gun. That thing she didn't know shot his gun she saw the bullet coming towards the wolf then that thing came to her and told her his name in her mind she said he looks so handsome but his name was Arthur.

He took her to his camping place then made her a hot warm nice sweet coffee she kept on saying thank you thank you but he got annoyed with it and told her it’s alright so he graped his phone and told her to ring someone to pick you up. It's not safe here. Catalyst asked him how did you find me. He said he already knew what was happening. He could hear the wolf and he saw the wolf on his way for work. Catalyst asked what do you work for he said I’m a hunter so she told her the story about her hunting. Then she asked him if they could be hunting buddies and there it was just like that. And every Monday, wednesday, friday and saturday they suddenly became best friends. So she went in a happy mood home. But she was already late for dinner THE END.

Taha Tinana - Fitness & Hygiene

Our physical need to stay fit and clean.
Our families and homes are where we learn the basics BUT important steps for this.
Here are 5 examples of what happens in my family.
1. We always brush our teeth 
2. We always shower
3. My mum always tells me to out deodorant on
4. We eat nachos with veggies in it
5. We always have to clean our self everyday.
These are my 5 examples what happens in my family and hope you see this and write about what happens in your family.