Monday, 16 November 2020

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

He aha te taima

Task Description: Today we had maori class and for our task we had to write the right time and fill in the gaps. Then once we finished that we made a google drawing and made our own phrases. 

Veen Diagram

 Task Description: For this task we watched a video about the plastic pollution and we had to read this book about plastic plastic bags and pollution. Once we finished reading and watching the video we had to grab some infomation that are the same from the book and video and put it on this task.  

Here are 2 things I have learnt from it:

1. Always save your plastic bags and never litter.

2. I also learnt how to save plastic bags because in the future there might not be any plastic bags.

Friday, 16 October 2020


Parts of elements:








Term 4 / immersion assembly


Good morning everybody welcome back to my beautiful lovely look blog. On the 12th of october was our first day of school. In term 4 every first day of  the term at our school we always have an immersion assembly. Immersion assembly is when our whole school comes back together in the hall and each team explains what they are going to be working on this term. This theme for this term is Art Alive. 

Which means we are going to be doing art this whole term and to try and be creative and try to make it look alive. I am really excited to see what kind of art we are going to do. 


Team 1, Did a famous painting with our teachers faces, so all the teachers in Team 11 dressed up as famous artists from the past. And they showed us the teachers then they showed us the famous painters.


Team 2,  did different portraits of their teachers in their class but they used different methods, they used shapes,  first it was indian methods, then polynesian methods,  and england methods they did all sorts of different me


Team 3, Did paint guns tie dye on a cloth. After that they kept using all of the dye and painting the cloth then after that they used that cloth they used and put a painting over so the cloth they out the dye on was the background the picture they painted


Team 4, Team four forgot about our school immersion assembly and they had no movie but luckily Mr goodwin witch is the team leader for team 4 recorded the whole conversation with his teachers in his block they were on google meet discussing on what there going to do for the term and then they did a challenge their challenge was that they had to do a drawing challenge and miss tuia won by doing a maori design.


Team 5, Team 5 did a live stream act they were acting like statues and painted picture’s and status from the past in the past the teachers acted like they were different things like ms tele’a was a samoan warrior and miss tipene was someone they  created the tomato juice and  tyson was a statue that was wearing a vodafone warriors T-shirt and Miss Stone was a famous chilli pepper. Miss Moala was the lady that showed people around the art gallery. 


Task description: Kia ora everybody this is my writing from out first day back at school for term 4. This is a piece of my own writing of what happend on our immersion assembly.