Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Animal race

So today we are having a animal race I wonder who is going to win I hope I win. The race is going to start in 20m. I said to myself what is my number I hope my number is 9. My animal is going to be a horse. I picked the horse because it has four leg’ and it is fast. The race is going to start in 60 sec are you ready get set go go go go number 9 come on. I slowed down and had a break and I told my horse go fast and he went fast we went past all of them and I won the race. We went home and had a rest and we went to the park. And my mum was so prod of me it was a good race.
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Monday, 5 December 2016

Jaylim jezakaia Arthur Why does soap make bubbles?

today we are laerning about why dose soap make bubbles. so first we have to put the oil in the water and shake it and it will make the oil go bake togeter and if you put the soap in the warter and the oil it will make bubbles.