Thursday, 17 August 2017

The Scary Story

Once upon a time me and my friend was so scared. We saw a clown chasing us we were running so fast and my friend name is Laura and Feleti and Junior we were so scared. We were calling out for Miss Scanlan and she was just looking for her laptop. She just got up and said who said that. I was saying Miss Scanlan, Miss Scanlan come and help up please and she dropped her laptop and cased the clown and the clown was running away and saying Mummy, Mummy.

Later me Laura Feleti and Junior went to look for something we saw a man he was looking for gold his name was Mr Goodwin he was so beautiful. So nice he said can you help me look for my gold before the aliens get it and we said why because the aliens will blow up. When we were looking for we found it and we saw the alien ship. We were looking for Mr Goodwin and the alien saw us and took the gold and it was the end of the world boom?

After that me Laura Feleti and Junior went for a walk to the zoo and we animals like zebra, lion, giraffe and monkey. Later on we saw a kiwi it look so yuk and it was so small and smelly and we saw a this man. His name was Mr Somerville and he had tattoo all over him and he broke the law of the rules and he touched the kiwi and he said it is a diseased kiwi and we were like what……? We ran away as fast as we could and we ran home. we went in the room and play game on the xbox ipad and ps4.

When I went home Mr Goodwin, Miss Scanlan and Mr Somerville said what are you doing and I said going to sleep and they said is that where you stay and I said yes. I said is that where you guys stay. they said no they said we are coming to your house to have dinner and I said Ok……? Come on in and they said thank you.


  1. What a fantastic story Arthur! Very impressed with how hard you have been working on your writing - keep up the awesome work! :)

  2. Good work And good drawing Goodbye arthur